Roofing Jobs using EPDM Rubber

A roof refurbishment job in Gresford, Wrexham

The job involved stripping off the old roof covering, and replacing with EPDM rubber.

To improve water drainage from the flat roof, we created a fall by placing firings on to the joists. We then added new insulation between the joists and layed new OSB sterling boards, which are ideal both for providing a strong roof and to provide good adhesion for the EPDM adhesive.

The  roof joists after stripping off the old roof boards

The existing roof joists

Firing strips fixed to joists

Firing strips fixed to the existing roof joists

Fixing the roofing boards

Laying the new OSB Sterling boards

EPDM rubber sheet being applied

Laying the EPDM rubber sheet

Completed roof with EPDM covering

The finished roof

Finished corner

One of the finished corners

A flat roof in Ruabon, Wrexham

The customer specified a warm roof with Rubber finish.

After taking off the existing roof we inserted 150mm roll insulation then we put a 2" fall using firings, and boarded with OSB. Then we fitted 100mm insulation boards, screwed OSB boards on top 
and finally glued on the EPDM rubber sheets.

OSB Boards on flat roof

OSB Boards

OSB Board over insulation boards

Laying the OSB boards over the 100mm insulation boards

EPDM rubber sheet on flat roof

The finished roof with EPDM Rubber covering

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